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Updated: May 4, 2020

Nowadays teenagers face so much in their social, private and family life. In addition to the rapid brain growth and other brain activities, it explains why this generations of youth experiences frustration, anger, self esteem issues and sadness. During the teen years, their body changes, hormones surge, academic challenges and social issues such as coping with peer rejection and managing their relationships are all daunting. So what can a parent do to help their girls?

Be more empathetic with them Do you remember what it was like to be that age?! There is nothing fulfilling to a teen than knowing their mothers understand them and are ready to show them empathy. Looking at our child’s life, we realize they are living in their own unique world not to mention a completely different world then what you grew up in! The physical and emotional worries take a toll on their emotions. But doesn’t this happen in adult life as well?! Connect to the human-ness of your daughter, remember what it was like to be that age and approach her as you wished to be approached. Soften your body language, lean in, and hold a “non-judgemental”, “non-fixing” space for her. I promise Magic after that!

Ask mindful questions When you look at your teen, you will realize that sometimes they are in crisis mode. They react more than responding. Teens are under constant pressure. They suffer a high level of stress because of increased expectations. What can you do as a parent? Try to ask them mindful questions.

Ask: What emotions are they feeling at that moment?

What thoughts are causing these emotions?

Is it true?

How do you feel about….

Build trust Earning your kids trust is something every parent should try to achieve. Teach your children success by helping them learn about trust and having trustworthy behavior. Strike a balance between their independence and rules. Respect their privacy, give them a role, create clear rules and enforce them.

How to succeed: Teach them about trust by embodying it. Have them trust you first.

Balancing freedom and boundaries

Help them to deal with breaches of trust.

Be non-judgmental Do you jump a quick conclusion when talking to your daughter? Is your mind made up even before your heard her out? If you want to help them, try and be non-judgmental. The benefits of being non-judgmental include:

-Opening your mind up to new experiences - Building a quality relationship with your teen when they know you are actively listening - Achieve greater success because you can respond to their specific needs Your teen will be a happier person knowing they are supported

Encourage communication We love connecting, and what better way is there to connect with your teens than through loving communication. It is the bridge to building a happy relationship. However, don’t over-communicate with them, it will appear as though you are interfering with freedom. Here are some tips for mindful communication

Ask them how they felt after a particular situation to encourage self- reflection

Be vulnerable and create empathy by sharing your experiences, bad and good

Communicate through body language, snuggle when watching a movie, link arms when shopping or if that’s too much just put your had on an arm when talking or frequent friendly touching when chatting

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