Healthy Outlets when dealing with Stress

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It can sometimes seem as if the world’s sole purpose is to bombard you with non-stop stress. There’s the chaos of current events, expectations of society, demands from family members, and pressure from friends. Even those who love you the most can inadvertently add to the burdens. Just as stress comes in a variety of forms, so do the methods you could choose to cope. We often simply resort to the way we were trained in by our family since childhood. If we saw others around us turn to anger, smoking, drinking, or drugs to relieve pressure, we can easily fall into those paths without a second thought. However, what lifts up a resilient and successful teen is the consciousness to choose healthier options. To choose a course of action which address the root of the problem and brings strength and peace.

GET TALKING Each of us has a different personality, so a key to success is identifying the outlet for your stress which best suits your own path. For example, if you have a trusted friend or adult in your life, you could turn to that person and share your concerns. Their suggestions and support could be exactly what you need to move forward.

FIND YOURSELF Others teens are more inwardly motivated. If you love to write you could find great solace in maintaining a journal. If you adore nature you might find the best release from a long walk. Enjoy moving around? Try yoga. There are a variety of styles from slow and serene to vibrant and musical.

JUST BREATHE Everyone can benefit from meditation and mindful breathing. These practices help calm the “monkey mind” which we are all born with. They quiet the internal running commentary and let us think calmly about the issues before us.

If you’ve always used one method for stress release, give consideration to the others. It might be you’ve always turned to social media in the past – but where it used to be uplifting and encouraging, now it is mostly sharp and negative. Everything changes in life. We, ourselves, change each day. If you look at your options with fresh eyes, you could easily see that a new path will bring you a better resolution.

We all have stress. Learning to cope well with hard emotions is one of the most valuable life skills you can learn. It will serve you well every day of your life. Finding a healthy, uplifting coping mechanism will give you the strength and energy you need to reach your dreams and achieve your goals. Take that first step today. You will be amazed at how that one step in a new direction can change your life forever.

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