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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Creating and maintaining a good morning routine is critical for lifetime success. This practice is especially valuable for mothers when embodying healthy lifestyle habits that our daughters are watching. Whether our girls are just at the beginning of their academic journey or already have many years of schooling under their belt healthy morning routines matter. It's not uncommon for emotional, physical and mental stressors to creep up throughout our day. These stressors often trigger things like anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, depression, and so much more. The good news is that you can alleviate these negative responses by doing a few simple things in the morning before your day starts.

GETTING UP A LITTLE EARLIER FOR YOURSELF Make sure to wake up early enough so that you have at least 15-30 minutes to yourself before you have to get ready and head into the busyness of being a mom. Press the snooze button on your alarm clock and use those 8 minutes to stretch, roll, and think about 3 things in your life that you are grateful for! Which brings me to my next point..

GRATITUDE SETS THE TONE The most accessible habit to create for your morning routine is to take a mental note of three things you’re grateful for and have in your life. Being in a state of gratitude starts us off on a positive note before the day even begins. Keep in mind; it can be anything – from things you like and experiences you’ve had to people you love pets you adore, gratitude is an endless well of possibility!

But I don’t just mean, make a list… I’m talking about really and truly imagining those things in front of you.. “you’re favourite moment with your daughter” “that special vacation spot that makes your heart warm” “the healthy food you’ve been eating that makes you feel good”. Think about these three things until you’re smiling. Gratitude is effective when you bring it back into your body and change yourself on a bio chemical level!


How many times have you forgot to stop and just drink water in your day?! Why not begin with a few, simple habits first thing in the morning. One of the most useful morning habits is immediately drinking 8-16oz of room-temperature water. Taking a drink of water takes almost no time out of your morning and will rehydrate your body and boost your metabolism instantly.

QUIET TIME NOW...BENEFITS LATER Meditation, or sitting quietly, for a few moments is also a valuable resource. The best part? There's no wrong way to do it. You can mindfully listen to some music, the sounds around you or focus on your breath - whatever works best for you. Meditation creates a sense of relaxation and naturally staves off the anxiety and stress that often come with a full day!

Good nights rest

By the way, getting up early is much less painful when you get a good night’s sleep. To do this, try turning your phone off at least an hour before bed. Our addiction to social media often keeps us up into all hours of the night, causing us to feel groggy and un-energetic the next morning.

Change that one hour before bedtime to: taking a long warm shower, journaling, giving yourself that facial or painting your toenails, or just enjoying a warm drink. Make this mindful activity as mindless as you can!

If you're just beginning to integrate a morning routine, be kind to and patient with yourself. It's better to start off with one or two new habits, like those mentioned above before including more time-consuming morning habits, such as body stretching, reading and creating a well-planned to-do list. That way, you'll begin your day with two small victories, which is the perfect way to start the day. Down the line and with exploration, you'll figure out which habits work best for you, eventually creating your ideal morning routine.

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At Mothering Mindful Daughters, I help you develop a morning routine that will change your life forever. Integrating practices like a few yoga and meditation exercises and techniques to stay mindful throughout the day will build lifelong habits that will turn into skills that you can use to face any challenges the day may throw your way. Let me help you achieve your goals.

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