one on one coaching for HER  


In this one hour call I help daughters OR mothers work through any issue or challenge they are facing. 

Perhaps you are in need of guidance and help working through one of the following:


         Learning to Trust yourself and build healthy self-esteem to move through any situation


         Creating healthy boundaries in your relationship with each other

         Draw on effective communication strategies that increase empathy while being heard


         Reminders that Happiness comes from within and not from others

         Bringing your relationship to the next level

         Ancient rituals for self love

         A tune up from your coaching series


Or maybe you're facing something completely new. 

What ever the issue I help you by drawing on your own inner wisdom and by using healthy techniques from Yoga, meditation, mindfulness or Reiki.

Let's work through it together. 

 One on One for One hour 
For Mothers or Daughtrs